What Not to Do, According to a Cleaning Service Provider

Whether you are cleaning a residential or commercial property, there are some things that should not be done, even though the popular belief is that they are highly effective. Below, a commercial cleaning service provider lists some common cleaning mistakes to avoid.

1. Using newspapers to clean windows
People think that using newspapers instead of paper towels to clean windows is the green, economic, and environmentally-friendly way of doing it, it does have its downside. Namely, newspaper ink can leave a trace on your windows and frames.

2. Using towels to clean windows
Paper towels may be better than newspapers; however, they aren’t the best option there actually is. This is so because they create too much static electricity, which leads to attracting more dust.

3. Using hair spray to remove stains

Sometimes people use hair spray to remove ink stains. The only justification of this practice is the fact that this cosmetic product contains alcohol. So, if you are over 21, you should prefer treating the stain with alcohol.

4. Too much cleaning detergent
People usually decide that more is better, and this also applies to using cleaning detergent. If a stain doesn’t come out after the first try, they will add more detergent. That is not really necessary. Even a small doze of quality product will be able to get rid of the stain. It that doesn’t happen, a person should consider using a better detergent instead of adding more of the ineffective one.

5. Faking it
Too often, cleaners focus on making a place look rather than actually be clean. Instead, they should invest their efforts in ensuring the cleaned environment is germ-free and healthy for the people who use it.

Whenever you feel you can’t handle a cleaning job properly, you’d better use a professional cleaning service. This is true for all kinds of projects, but especially for commercial ones. Not to mention that you and your staff have more important things to do than cleaning. Whenever you need a company that can be relied on to complete the task to your satisfaction in Fairview Heights IL, call K & S Corporate Cleaning Inc. Reach us at (618) 541-5827 today!